Thursday, October 5, 2017

Monument Vally

Oil on 24" canvas
On exhibit at Sedona Art Center for October and the ​​13th annual Plein Air FestivalPainted from a photo I took last year. It's exciting to be returning to Sedona where we participated in the Celebration of Landscape in April 2017 What a year! Looking forward to seeing friends and painting with some amazing painters! 

"Tiger with Blue Flutterby" for Daily Paintworks fundraiser-100% donation

Oil on 12x16" oil on wood panel. "Click to bid"

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have left behind terrible destruction and many people in need. This challenge is a fundraising auction to raise money to help our friends, family, and neighbors in the effected areas.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Kitty with Saucer

5x7" oil on canvas
Kitties and saucers are somehow a natural fit. Thanks for looking!
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Oil on 5x7" canvas sold
I love doing small paintings. They happen quickly, the investment is small and reward is lots of practice. This is a commission.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Natalie with Candle

Oil on 9x12" panel
Natalie is my friend and fellow painter Linda Mitchell's granddaughter. Again, being that the cost of hiring a model is beyond my means at this time and not practical at this stage, photos are really convenient to work from. And they do inspire. Portraiture is my favorite subject, I'need more practice. Sean Cheetham is and Alice Neel  are two of my favorite portrait painters. I like Van Gogh's portraits too. So much to be inspired by, I feel grateful.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Oil on 24x24" canvas
Heather is a beautiful young artist. I painted her from a photo I took at her Dad's reception in Trinidad. I like to work with live models but I can not afford the cost of paying one, it's 20 an hour now. I really don't mind working from photos, it's pretty relaxing and totally convenient. When you have a model in the studio the pressure is on. And if you like working under pressure like I do, it's an amazing experience.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tiger and Flutterby

10x12" oil on panel
I painted this as a design for a local coffee company label. I gave the good coffee folks a choice between this image and "Sphynx with Coat" (below) They chose Sphinx. I like Sphynx better too. I wanted to try something special for the label. But it was not special enough. And that's the thing about painting, and it's what I kind of love about painting. You are never really in control. You can set out to do whatever you want and work your hardest and a painting can just flop. I'm not saying this is a flop but, it wasn't the thing I had hoped for. The first image is before I applied Adobe Photoshop oil filter. Oil filter smooths everything out and makes the image look liquid.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sphynx with Coat

12x16" oil on wood panel
"Sphinx with Coat" was originally painted for Cats in the Hall, a cat art exhibit happening right now in Eureka Ca. through September 27th  About 75 artists showed up to share their cat art pieces.  During the Arts Alive! reception we had kitty adoptions from four different shelters, and ended up beginning the process of adopting three out. It was a great event. Cats and artists seem to blend well. This is the third such event I've curated and it's amazing how much cat art gets sold in a weekend.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sunflowers en plein air no.2

8x10" oil on canvas
I painted three sunflower paintings at the Humboldt Botanical Garden last weekend. Many painters and supporters of all things beautiful were out celebrating the event. It was a beautiful classic Humboldt county weather day. I felt honored to be invited.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

UFO Sighting

Oil on 8x10" canvas panel  sold
All I know is I like to paint cats and sometimes a UFO appears. When I paint on impulse ideas develop as I paint. Tomorrow I'm taking a workshop with Jim McVicker and that will change things up for awhile. Plein air painting is really challenging. And Jim is one of the best, How lucky am I?

Friday, August 18, 2017

Greta, a Beach City Kitty

Oil on 11x14" canvas  sold
When Beach City Kitties adoption center posted Greta on FaceBook I knew I had to paint her. The biggest challenge was the flower on her head. Patience is a big part of studio painting. And there is a time to stop, when another brush stroke will take it all backwards. I've heard that true art is knowing when to stop. We as painters chase art. We want every painting to be that one that takes us to the next plateau. Of course you can only do your best. I think one problem painters have is judging their work too harshly. The best paintings I've done seem to fall off the brush, as me friend and fellow painter Amy Stewart put it. In a sense they have a life of their own and the wise artist knows when such a painting is about to be born. It's different. The energy's different and it feels like magic. My previous painting Zebe is one of those. They come few and far between. And if you paint long enough you learn to take the excellent with the mediocre. Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Oil on 8x10" canvas. Sold
Zebe is my friend Jill's kitty. She lived to be 18. Painting cats who've passed on is always delicate work. I wanted to keep this nice and loose-easier said than done.
Thanks for visiting.


Oil on 6" stretched canvas sold
"Somedays" is about making art for fun. Just expressing a feeling without having to pay too much attention to detail is a nice break from the rigors that painting can be. Thank you for looking.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Love was made for me and You

Oil on 6x8" canvas
I got a new daylight lightbulb in my studio and it's really helped. You can see how dark and saturated these colors are but still lit up as if in daylight. I worked from a photo I found in a cat care book. No photographer mentioned. Besides, it looks nothing like the original. When I paint cats I often take as much artistic license as possible. This muse effects my creative impulses like no other, and that is why I never tire of painting cats.

The Raven

Oil on 8" canvas.
Painted from a photo I took last fall, at the Grand Canyon. My husband and I were there painting en plein air! We spent an entire year on the road painting our way across America. The Grand Canyon is a favorite place to paint. When you first see it, it seems impossible. Grand indeed. There's nothing like it. The ravens there are quite active. They will take a campsite apart if they smell or see food. We saw some sites that were ravaged by them. For all their infamous behavior they sure are beautiful to see.

Polar Bear

Oil on 8" canvas
Painting bears is always exciting. I've seen many black bears in the wild, here in northern California, and I've glimpsed a Grizzly in Montana. I've even see a polar bear, but that was at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. For this painting I used a high key palette which is kind of unusual for me because I like using black a lot. The high key palette is a feel good palette and works well for that soft dreamy quality.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Cat Scratch

8x8" oil on canvas Sold
I did this for Daily Paintworks Challenge. I like doing the challenge because it often takes me out of my comfort zone. Cat's don't take me out of my comfort zone but the pose was challenging.  Thanks for looking. Click to bid

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Clay Mug

Oil on 8" canvas sold
I could've kept painting on this, but I got tired. And I think it's got that clay feel so better to leave well enough alone. Painting is like that a lot. Making an okay painting is underestimated.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Oil on 5x7" gallery wrap canvas sold
One of the reasons this painting stands out, for me, is the hot pink under painting coming through. I don't think it would be near as lively sans hot pink. I never regret using hot pink as a ground, it always works well and it makes me feel happy. Thanks for visiting!


Oil on 5x7" canvas sold
Painting kitty faces is more challenging than one might think. You have to make sense of the furry features and somehow express in painting a wild cunning nature. The cat always elusive, my faithful muse.