Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jay Bird 'Juno' no. 12

6"x6" oil on panel, I've been working on a series of Scrub Jay paintings this summer. We met a wonderful baby jay that accompanied us during our entire camp-out on the Trinity River. We named him Juno, meeting him changed the whole look of our show for Weaverville, where we had planned to show a month's worth of local plein air paintings by Stock and myself. The story is we rescued Juno the very first day at camp, he had fallen from his nest nearby and a Raven was about to gobble him alive! So I jumped in and ended up with a new baby to feed every half hour! being that I had to stay close to the bird I took photos of him that I clipped to my easel to paint from, the new work was well received. as Juno grew he began feeding himself and finding other young jays to fly with. it was hard to say good bye. I'll be posting the entire series here. World Cup Coffee on F ST in Eureka will feature the Juno series for August

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