Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Robert Henri for knowlege and inspiration

I have no painting to post today-the one I started yesterday is unfinished waiting to be completed at my studio. I will share an important book: The Art Spirit by Robert Henri, a classic, and one I call my Bible. It's simply extraordinary, published in 1923 it's a must for every art student and artist. It was the first book I was given as required reading by The American Academe of Art in Chicago way back in 1977 and one of the most important things that came from that short lived but very intense passage in my life. Pick it up and be the artist you can be. A passage from my bible: Cherish your own emotions and never undervalue them. We are not here to do what has already been done. I have little interest in teaching you what I know. I wish to stimulate you to tell me what you know. in my office toward you I am simply trying to improve my own environment. Know what the old masters did. know how they composed their pictures, but do not fall into the conventions they established. these conventions were right for them, and they are wonderful. They made their language. You make yours. They can help you. All the past can help you. A work of art which inspires us comes from no quibbling man. Chapter One, The Art Spirit by painter and teacher Robert Henri

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