Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cat Call, colage seies 2 no.1

It's colage for now. Usually I am an oil painter who occasionally likes to explore other mediums. Drawing and painting demand the most from me as an arist, so when I can not give those time (like now) I take on a less profound medium, for me this is colage or assemblage or something playful like printing wood cuts. I do not mean to diminish the value of mediums other than oil I just love oil paint best. Whatever medium I work in I do my best, I think when you are really in love with your medium, art happens.


Katherine said...

Remember the painting with the skull and Picasso's bull you tortured over way back when? These collages remind me of that painting.

RK said...

I remember...that and the "Tom Tom" yikes! you were so patient. xoxoxo