Monday, October 18, 2010

Hitchcock, master of suspence, noir series, no.2

oil on panel. In celebration of Halloween I'm creating a special 'Portrait Noir' series. I'll be painting over old paintings for strange and mysterious textural effects.


Fer Creaciones said...

Que homenaje más especial para el ídolo Hitchcock, es maravilloso como encuentras los efectos de la sombra y la luz, he estado dándome una vueltas por tu blog y sólo puedo decirte que me alegra en el alma que ahora seas parte de nuestra casa blog y para mi es un placer visitarte, poder aprender de ti y de tus obras, que son una maravilla, Pues bien yo también te sigo,ven cuando quieras!!!!Abrazos

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

oh my god you are great, I love this expression

RK said...

"Fer" Eso es muy amable de su parte, muchas gracias!
thank you nouvelles couleurs, so glad you like the image, I love all his films, I especially love Rear window! Psycho is my favorite.

Lisa Ursu said...

Your work is INCREDIBLE!!!
Thank you for sharing this.

Harry Kent said...

Recognized the old Master of Suspense instantly from the thumbnail which also reveals just how effective the red fire-glow is on the side of the face in establishing form and also setting mood.

Really love the 'random' texture underneath from the previous work. Funny how the mind insists on reading it as meaningful and belonging to Alfred. Sometimes i worry whether our minds are doing just that with the whole of creation - just reading apparent meaning and order onto what is pure flux and entropy. Lives writ on water.

Oops, i've rambled. Back to topic.

Consummate brushwork. Apparently careless but actually placed with such understanding. Just look at those highlights! And the eyes are masterful. So Hitchcock, yet also mysterious and vaguely menacing as they peer out at us viewers over the slight sneer in the lips. A wonderful portrait, Rachel.

RK said...

thank you kindy, and I like your ramblings!I was looking over some photos of you last night on flickr, I love your icon, I like how you interpreted the photo-captures the imagination!

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rachel,
I'm a first time visitor, thanks to Harry Kent. Had to comment on this one. I think it's a fabulous painting.
Looking forward to cruising by often!