Friday, October 8, 2010

Kai W

Oil on 10x12" panel, painted for Julia Kay's Portrait Party, an on line portrait group where we paint each others portraits and post comments if we wish.


Ольга Голуб said...

У Вас очень интересные, красивые работы! У каждого портрета - свой характер, своя история.. С удовольствием разглядываю каждый!

Harry Kent said...

this is so fine, Rachel. Your brush seems to read a face like fingers read Braille. And then you make it sing with such vibrant yet nuanced color. The blue five o'clock shadow and touch of violet in the shadow of the neck, against the lemon yellow and gamboge is inspired. Fresh. Immediate. And such humanity in the eyes. Quite moving. Seeing this has made my day.