Sunday, October 17, 2010

Until Now-noir series, no.1

This spooky season just takes me over. Oil on previously painted panel -the cat was part of the old painting, I added the mystery woman. lately I've been painting over my old work, it's really fun to just play, it's kind of like collage.


Dusty Pines said...

totally cool - they really work well together! the colors, and also - they have the same eyes! not sure which is scarier . . . !

Ольга Голуб said...

Very interesting

RK said...

thank you both! I love scary-goofy scary-like, all the kooky spooky things you see on peoples lawns during the Halloween season, yesterday i was driving along at dusk and saw someone hanging out of a window by their feet-it was frightening and hilarious because of course it was not real. but the initial shock was gripping.