Saturday, April 9, 2011

1st. Street.

10x12 Acrylic on canvas.
This is an older painting I've always liked, just outside the C ST. Studios in Old Town, Eureka where I work. Driving home one day the sunset was breathtakingly beautiful, fortunately I had a camera and was able to capture an image to paint from. I prefer working from my own photos, the work feels more complete.


mercè said...

no wonder she wanted to paint this evening, because it is a beauty!
if all the fabrics in the exhibition are so fine, sure you'll have a great success!
luck and a kiss.

RK said...

gracias amega!

Harry Kent said...

Love the Turneresque quality you brought to this, RK. And i know what you mean about working from photos.

RK said...

hey thanks!