Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jose Clemente Orozco

Oil on 48x48 panel. I was fortunate to see Murales del Instituto Cultural Cabanas earlier this year during a brief visit to Guadalajara, Mexico. The scale of these paintings is immense! The vision is prophetic and the passion -unimaginable. I'm glad I was able to connect with his work which inspired this portrait...somethings need to be large.


Harry Kent said...

Immense focus and power here, Rachel. The glasses with their vitreous piercing gaze are masterful. The set mouth and jaw declare unflinching determination. The furrowed brow speaks of seriousness of purpose. The handling of colour and layered construction of brush marks provide a subtext of complexity and richness of his character. And that wonderful use of red tells us about the fire in his soul. A magnificentr tribute.

Rachel K Schlueter said...

thank you very much Harry, it's good to hear from you as always, you give the best feedback! I was quite floored by Orozco's work.

Katherine said...

Beautiful work Rachel. So exciting to see you painting in large format!

Rachel K Schlueter said...

thank you Katherine, large is working for me. Recently while in Seattle we visited the Davidson Gallery, no doubt my favorite gallery there, they had such an amazing collection of small works... size really doesn't matter...quality over quantity.

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