Friday, June 17, 2011

Vincent Van Gogh

oil 0n 24" panel.
I had to include Van Gogh in my homage: A World of Paint. I looked for photos on the internet to paint from but there's not much out there. There is one mystery photo published that may be him, forensic experts say it's him. I don't think so. I downloaded the image which was placed next to a self portrait at the same angle, as to show the resemblance, I painted from the photo constantly comparing photo to self portrait and I began to doubt that was an actual photo of Van Gogh, the nose is totally different, I know photos can deceive, but in my gut I felt no-way am I going to paint from this photo-it's not him. This painting is a departure because it's a copy or a an interpretation and not from a photo of the painter. Seems appropriate for Van Gogh to standout among the rest.


Ольга Голуб said...

В портрете, безусловно, узнаваем стиль Ван Гога. Супер!

RK said...

Я счастлив, вам это нравится, спасибо!