Thursday, July 21, 2011

Detail from Art and Mortality

Oil on panel. This detail is from a painting I've been working on for days, it's large and quite different from the rest of the series. In whole, It's a a portrait of life and death. It is a concept I guess of a mirror that reflects imortality. It's a question that arises in my mind often as I search for the meaning of life in art. Morris Graves has been an important influence on me, after visiting his estate I felt moved by his vision and generosity. He was a wise man who continues to share his love for art, artists and the sacred beyond mortality.


Ольга Голуб said...

очень интересно и необычно

RK said...

Привет Olavia, это часть новой Б.И., в моей работе. Вот что я люблю о создании .... он просто продолжает идти.