Monday, October 24, 2011


Oil on 12"x16" panel. "Adina" is a commission I've been involved in all week, finished it today. I have never met Adina but, when I saw the photo of her I became inspired immediately. My client loves the painting and that makes me very happy.



Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rachel,
Beautiful work and it's easy to see why you were inspired. I really like the expression; Not the usual big grin or smile. This work shows Adina as a real, thinking human being, only young.
The way you've painted her, with many perfectly placed, loose brushstrokes and a range of colors, will give me study material for quite awhile.
Congratulations on a wonderful work of art.

Lida Penkova said...

...and who wouldn't love this piece! Stunning, the impression stays with one a long time! I love her thoughtful demeanor...she's so very alive! Congratulations, Raquelita!

RK said...

I kindly thank you both!