Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gus Clark

Oil on 11x9" panel. Painted from a shot I took many years back. Gus is one of my favorite local artists, I started collecting his paintings in1997 I met Gus at what may have been his first show at Copy Stop in Eureka, he began showing regularly at local coffee houses as did I. We both showed at Gallery Dog for years, we have studios in the same building in old town. Gus opens his laboratory for "Arts Alive!" a monthly art-walk that happens on the first Saturday of the month here in Eureka, we have the most celebrated art-walk I've ever seen anywhere, and I've seen many! For over six years my husband Stock and I have hosted "Arts Alive!" at the 208 C ST. Studios, with the help of our friends John king and Regina Case. As long as people continue to come we'll be open.

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