Monday, April 2, 2012

Fortune Teller

Oil on 9"x12" panel. I painted this at my residency. I was looking through art posters in Mr. Graves' studio and found a great one of a local woman, I believe she has passed. She sits at table with a crystal ball over a spread of tarot cards, the photo was taken by Peter Palmquist. The lighting throughout is purple. I wish I had the poster, I would love to take another crack at it using the whole image, It's a great photo.


Heidi Benzonelli said...

Rachel, Do you think you can get a copy of the poster or a photograph of it? This is Bonnie Benzonelli Gool, the photograph was used on the cover of Kurt Saxons book keeping score on our modern day prophets.
Here is a picture of the book

RK said...

Kristina Yes, the image I worked from is amazing and I would love the opportunity to paint it again using the whole composition where she sits, hands on a crystal ball with a spread of tarot cards laid out on a table in front of her, In the photo Bonnie's blouse is a wild paisley print and the lighting throughout is a purple cast. The photo was taken by the late Peter Palmquist. I hope you locate the poster.