Monday, September 10, 2012

Clown with Thick Paint

 Oil on 5x6" panel.

"Clown with Thick Paint" was done several years ago. I decided to post it with my new series of clown portraits, it all runs together as an on going series I began in 1998, the same time I began studying.oil painting with my husband, Stock.

 My grandfather George worked as clown in the 1930's  My mother Georgia, her sister Connie and brother George also worked as circus performers, my mom started her training at six! They worked for Hagenbecker-Wallace, the book: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen was based on the same circus, during the great depression, I thought the book was great and it gave me so much information about some of what my mother must have lived through. My mother, Georgia, never romanticized those days, for years I wondered why, now I understand .

 I have a kind of reverence for the circus, because of my family's involvement in it. As a painter I'm intrigued and inspired by the  human portrait of the circus

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