Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Midday Perch

Oil on 4"x6" masonite panel. SOLD

From a photo of my very special kitten. "Chief " he loves "hanging out" with me no matter what I'm doing, when taking a bath, he sits on the tub and plays with the water. When I go to bed he sleeps in my sock drawer beside the bed.  When I wake up in the morning, he runs to greet me. I have to feed him right away or he howls.When I open the refrigerator he jumps in! I nudge him out every time.Today is the first day he didn't jump in, he's learning.  If  I eat something at the counter where he knows he is not allowed, he stands on his hind feet reaching for my plate.When I paint he's there in my rag box. When on the computer he sets himself  in front of the screen. The strangest thing about him, is the way he likes to knock things over purposely and drag things around, like a puppy. I bet I could teach him to paint! He's the kind of cat that likes to interact, he inspires me and he's a constant source of joy.

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