Tuesday, July 30, 2013

'Linda as La Luna'

In progress.
Oil on 12"x12" canvas. This is a painting with a story. In a nutshell, it's a portrait of a  friend who's astrological sign is Cancer, a water sign ruled by the moon. As I began the portrait the idea of the moon came to me. The first attempt was on 24"x24' panel. I was working on a series of portraits of artists for a solo exhibit I had in 2011 at Morris Graves Museum of Art. A big deal for me. Anyway, at a crucial point in the painting's development I shot a photo of it. Glad I did because I killed the painting beyond being able to fix it. I really wanted this painting for the exhibit  so I decided to get a 12" x12" giclee print made and carefully remake the painting over the print, and it worked! Recently I was looking at the infamous painting and decided to take it where it needed to go. Who but the artist can make these decisions? It's what we do.

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