Monday, September 16, 2013

'Otis' an older painting...that was then...

Oil on 5x7" panel. I've been doing a local workshop on direct painting. It's going well. I have had to face some awkward moments in class where I came up short, not knowing answers to some pretty basic questions, which set me on a whole new path of learning the ins and out of what I do. Including the use of color. For the most part, I've always used color intuitively, even just for it's relative value, never seeking a technical color harmony, always thinking that using a color wheel was way too mechanical...even weak. "Like, light and the color spectrum is already in our brains, man!" As a teacher I've had to go back to square one, learn the facts about color, to assist students. Now I'm feeling more secure teaching but as a painter, I am faced with real change. The knowledge I've gained about color has interfered with my painting process, now I stop and  I think about color instead of just trusting my instincts and being spontaneous, the fluidity has stopped. I am truly excited about learning color including the CMY (cyan magenta yellow) color wheel and how effective the correct color harmonies are. I never knew how ignorant I was. Blissfully ignorant. I just don't know how this is all going to turn out? I am optimistic and humbled.

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