Thursday, September 12, 2013

'Pink with Cat'

  Oil on 6" panel.  I never get board with cats or color. Cats are where it's at. And the complexities of color is my newest fascination. 'Pink with Cat' is ten yrs. old. It brings to mind a style that I see more and more these days, sans swirly arabesque and butterflies. But I like the juxtapose of thick expressionistic paint with  Photoshop graphics, it becomes quite a  balancing act. What I am getting tired of  is photo realism which has become exceedingly common. Especially now that artists are printing images, often in color, directly on their canvases and painting over the print. I don't get it? I think people will come to their senses after a while and this superficial goal oriented trend will  produce a backlash where the forces of creativity and intelligence rise again and reclaim the art world!

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