Saturday, April 4, 2015


Oil on panel
This particular potted cactus was large, beautiful and a very popular subject for the painters. We all painted it at least once during our one month stay at the Hayes Adobe in 29 Palms. I painted several, I couldn't get enough of it, It haunted me. I may even paint it again in the studio as I am home now and it sits far far away in the desert, surviving, maybe even thriving in a small pot in the full sun and heat of a place where you could fry and egg in the ground. These plants are the true sun worshipers of the Earth. Back to the painting, I love pink and the desert provides lavish opportunities to experience this color in all it's myriad hues. The high-key palette of this climate has changed my perception of what white can do. And thanks to Alicia Tredway who taught me much about a high key palette! It was a great gift to have this time with my friends at the warm and wonderful Adobe. Maybe we can do it again next year!