Thursday, June 25, 2015

'Black Myo͞oziNG'

oil on 8x10" canvas-sold
This painting is for my show at Up Stairs Gallery in July. All Cats, all new work! I hope to see you! Also, don't forget to visit RAA for July Arts Alive in Eureka! They are hosting HumCats, a fundraiser for Humboldt Spay a Neuter Network. This FR is designed with our art community in mind. 70% of sales goes to artists  and there is no entry fee! How do we do it? Humboldt Spay and Neuter  Network set up an amazing full bar with keg on both Friday and Saturday they keep all proceeds from that and we've organized a couple exciting raffles and they get lots of donations during this event as well. For more info visit our HUMCATS FaceBook page. Reception is Friday July3rd and Arts Alive, Independence Day, July4th