Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Cheap Thrills a-go-go"

Oil on 18"x24" canvas.
I'm addicted to stencils. Believing it's wise to follow creative urges...because stencils! As long as they pull me into the studio I'm on it. Today I went to Scrap Humboldt, looking for scrap stencils, I found some very large, very cool homemade stencils YAY! hence the big dots on the big Cat. My husband probably thinks I'm going off track, but he knows, it's how I roll, Free as a bee...bee's are not so free...they work their arses off...just like me.  When it comes to painting or art making, I have one rule, and that rule is no rules and no plans. In my laboratory I have only what is given to me from one moment to the next, from that inspiration comes the raw goods of my soul.  So full of myself tonight.