Friday, August 3, 2018

"Two Cats" after Inagaki Tomoo b. 1902

Acrylic on board 60x36"
One day on my way to the studio...there's an alleyway next to my studio at 208 C street in old town,  as I walk by I see a very large frame leaning against the wall, behind a dumpster and it looks very interesting- I go check it out. The frame's quite weathered but in excellent condition, I mean it's solid redwood, no warping, it's even got a primed board in it. I dust it off and haul it up to the studio where I ask the resident renaissance man, Stock Schlueter what he thinks. His expert opinion confirms it's a score. The subject of my new painting on board would be cats. I began scanning internet images of cat art for inspiration. There I found one of my favorite cat artists, Inagaki Tomoo, and that's when things began to click. Tomoo's style is one I can swiftly merge with. Why am I using Tomoo's art to create from? Because I recognized an opportunity to create from a foundation that works, why reinvent the wheel? Because of the large size, it occurred to me that my painting could hang outside the studios as part of Eureka Street Art Festival and also serve as a lead up to the studios which would be a nice informal addition to the tour and good for studio artists! I called Kathleen, the owner of the studios building with my idea, she liked it, and promptly ran it through official channels. I got the okay! "Two Cats" is #1 on the mural tour map.  I will also be painting live across the street with several other artists during the festival -August 11-18, I'll be working with another Inagaki Tomoo cat art design! Hope to see you!  #ilikeeureka #eurekastreetartfestival

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