Artist Statement 2019

Rachel K Schlueter b.1960 Chicago, Ill.          

Growing up in Chicago, influenced my artistic vision and sensibility. 
Living in California for fourty years influenced my art spirit. The combination of contrasting realities has shaped an eclectic artistic vision.

Chicago public schools taught me the importance of art, community and culture. 
My first group art exhibit was at the Art Institute of Chicago, when I was four. That happened because in 1964 Chicago public schools incorporated the Head-Start program, and the focus was on art, and children got to paint, exhibit and feel connectedness. Throughout elementary school art was taught at a height level and it saved me, because at my core I’m an artist. 

My love of portraiture comes directly from Chicago. Growing up in the city I delighted in looking at all the different faces around me everywhere. Some were nice, even beautiful, and some were dreadfully sad and dark. Such observations led to a desire to relate my experiences through the art of portraiture. 

Cat worship also began in Chicago. Strays and ferals were elusive and the kittens emerged like tulips in the spring. As a child I was always after them, especially kittens. I climbed fences, went into burnt buildings, trespassed through strange apartment basements just to catch a glimpse. Their existence and survival was important to me. I wanted to love and help them. Being a cat artist has enabled me to do just that. 

Reverence for landscape painting began later in life when I was thirty. I took a weekend workshop that had a profound impact. Ten years later I married Stock, a handsome, hardcore plein air painter who inspires me and accompanies me far and wide across many landscapes. Plein air painting is the hardest and most rewarding work I can think of and it’s the one that really stretches me.   

I value and enjoy many mediums of expression, many more than I’ve mentioned. I do them all side by side. 
The process of art and craft making is so far-out to me, that I'm on my knees before I start.
It’s that humbling because creating is a gift and I never take it for granted. 

Rachel works in Eureka Ca., and lives with her husband Stock, three cats and one dog. 
Studio is located at 208 C street in old town Eureka CA. 
Open for first Saturday "Arts Alive!" 6-9pm
Rachel's website: