Artist Statement 2015

Rachel K Schlueter b.1960 Cook county, Chicago, Ill. 

Growing up in Chicago, I quickly gleaned the importance and thrill of contributing to community and culture.
My first group art exhibit was at the Art Institute of Chicago, when I was four, in 1964 -Chicago public schools incorporated the Head-Start program, the focus was art, and little kids got to paint, exhibit and feel connectedness.

My love of the art and community combo began a long time ago. Once bitten I am forever seeking opportunities to be part of community and society through the arts. 2018 brings Eureka Street Art Festival and with it, new levels of involvement and creative possibilities. I feel I'm at the beginning of a major local development.

"The process of painting and art making is so far-out, to me, that I'm on my knees before I start. I mean it's humbling because creating is a gift and I don't take it for granted."

Rachel lives and works in Eureka Ca., with her husband Stock and three cats. 
Studio is located at 208 C street studiosnd in old town Eureka CA 
Open for first Saturday "Arts Alive!" 6-9pm
Rachel's website: