Artist Statement 2015

Rachel K Schlueter b.1960 Cook county, Chicago, Ill. 

Growing up in Chicago, I saw firsthand how important art was. My first group art exhibit was at the Art Institute of Chicago, when I was four. Because in1964 Chicago public schools incorporated an important new project called Head-Start, the focus was on art, and us lucky little kids got to paint! 

 In the 60’s art education in public schools, was presented through contemporary art films and complex art projects, and field trips to museums and city craft houses. The kids had a blast, and the teachers were generous, they joyfully took-on all the messy art projects. Those early years shaped who I am as a person and an artist. For me, art is about community, bonding and healing. Beyond creating art my vision includes working on a community level to promote public art for artists of all ages. 

"The process of painting and art making is so far-out, to me, that I'm on my knees before I start. I mean it's humbling because it's a gift to create, and I don't take it for granted."

The power of art is a profound and compelling mystery. When I face a blank canvas and feel the adventure coming on, I never think about how much work it's going to be, instead I open to the fullness of this moment and the adventure begins. 

 I paint a lot of cats, and I don't ask why. 

Rachel lives and works in Eureka Ca. with her husband Stock and three cats.